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Mar 15 2015

45 Skulls from Buckobecks


45 free png skulls to download from are coming soon. Keep an eye out here on the blog for more on when.

Mar 23 2012



Blind Faith

Blind Faith


 Poetry and artwork by Buckobeck

Back when the days of my life were long
Mama told me that real monsters didn’t exist
But well meaning mother was terribly wrong
And in their vile, putrid existence I fully insist

It was not the hideous creature under the bed
Or the demon in the closet with long pointy teeth
Not the oozing brain eating grave risen undead
Nor the dark silent evil in the basement beneath

The things behind the trees on a moonless night
A soul collecting black figure with a scythe
Spooky sounds that emit from corners with no light
No, What I speak of is more unsettling than this

Half human mutants in a blood splattered hall
Smiling while they dine on moist rotting entrails
Muttering unintelligibly as your name they call
Carting the gelled innards away in old rusty pails

You say nothing could be worse, sitting in disbelief
But I saw it on the national news, just today
And in your silent denial you will find no relief
Around your neighborhoods and next door they play

Unspeakable sickness beyond my meager depictions
More indescribable disgust than anyone should feel
Even beyond my extremely graphical descriptions
Scenes that should make the coldest of hearts congeal

Mothers who sever their blood given child’s arms
Catholic priests that molest innocent young boys
Folks murdered for money and buried under farms
Hookers mutilated for a sick bastards personal joys

Husbands that show their love with clenched fist
Uncles that insist their nieces have a seat on their lap
Are you seeing the picture? Are you getting the gist?
Fathers who fondle children while they innocently nap

John Wayne Gacy luring children, disguised as a clown
Ed Gein eats people at the command of his mother
That bastard Ted Bundy out for a night on the town
One who butchers an ex because there should be no other

World leaders that declare war under false pretenses
Son of Sam slaughters on the orders of a dog
Murderous mother fuckers protected by insanity defenses
94 percent do without, because 6 percent hog

So go ahead, tell your kids monsters don’t live, lie to future generations
They’re only humans who made mistakes and should be forgiven
Don’t allow them to believe in man kinds grotesquely twisted imaginations
Just lull them with your vision of the world so peacefully driven

OK, monsters still don’t exist, I respect your belief
Your final decision, based on morals. It is truly a relief

And of your mothers words, to which you’ve conceded
I find them very relaxing and so extremely handy
My destination remains undeterred, my goal unimpeded
Jump in the car little girl, I’ve got some nice candy.