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Sep 13 2015


Something like this drawing,

Xara Grasshopper

Xara Grasshopper

For my newest addition to Big world, small things I created a grasshopper. I like the fly and the juvenile tree frog just as well as this rendering, but I think I captured more detail in this one. It required many small images and a few different fills. I found out some new things about Xara when I was creating this so it was a great learning experience as well as fun, and though it took several hours to complete it was a much quicker go from start to finish than my first two entries. Getting closer to the look I’m after, actually passed it up when I was looking for it to upload because the thumbnail looked like a photo. I was practicing drawing faces over the weekend using my other drawing program, but ended up drawing one in XARA. I liked it better than any I drew with SBP. Seems like the more I learn about what can be done with Xara the less I use the others. Lovingly created from scratch with XARA, man I love this program.

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