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Apr 21 2012



 Digital art and poetry by Mark Beckemeyer


When technological wonders have become so commonplace

That with the natural world they assimilate and interlace

Organic life and electronic circuitry will share a common face

When the wires and silicon chips have taken on features of their own

And cutting edge developments take us places previously unknown

Will we bask in the glory of our accomplishments and marvel at how we’ve grown?

Or will we pay the dearest price for the carelessness and ignorance that we’ve shown?

As motherboards with processors begin to do our thinking

And automated  robots perform the physical labor

Guided by the electronic memory banks to which they’re linking

Will we have more time to think, more moments in life to savor?

Or will our muscles twist in atrophy as our brains start shrinking?

Do you think you will rejoice at our artificial wonders

And the God like way to which our creations a semblance of life we gave

Or will our great endeavors become regretful  blunders

Mechanical inventions to turn against us , and to which we become slave

The day intelligent machines do all the work and make our decisions

And plastic and metal entities have acquired second nature

They will in all of their infinite wisdom decide mankind is in need of revisions

Stripping us of our humanity and assigning  us new nomenclature

Then the world their wired minds will try to make a better place

Without the meddling of men, flesh and blood ,no emotions, not a trace

But their efforts too are doomed to fail and will end in utter disgrace

Because their existence is flawed, something so terribly wrong it can’t be a plus

You see, they had forgotten, everything they knew and were was acquired from us

When  man becomes conceited with his God like emulation

The world is bound to end in perfectly complete devastation

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