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Oct 23 2015

Cecropia Moth File and 3 Others Free With Xara Pro 11 Purchase.

Still not convinced? Here’s another example of what you could create with Xara Designer Pro 11. This program has everything you need to drawn a moth just like this, and if you purchase Xara’s state-of-the-art vector drawing program (Xara Designer Pro 11) through Buckobecks you won’t even have to draw it. I will personally email you 4 complete Xara files to include the Cecropia moth, the Luna Moth, plus two sweet vector eagles with skulls. Just purchase the program through Buckobecks then email me a copy of your receipt and they will magically arrive in your inbox. Simple has that. Not feeling that rich? Don’t despair, if you purchase Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 through Buckobecks I will send you the Cecropia Moth file.

Offer expires 10-26-2015

Cecropia Moth drawn with Xara Pro 11

Cecropia Moth drawn with Xara Pro 11

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