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Mar 24 2012

Bathtub Surprises

Rabid Wolf  Spider

Rabid Wolf Spider

Has anybody besides me heard the familiar call “Honey there’s a spider in the bathtub” ? Living in the country as I do it seems to be an all too common affair. Maybe some of you city folk can tell us if this happens in them there parts. Those bathtub surprises, got to love them. There have been other kinds of spiders trapped in our tub, this one happens to be a Rabid Wolf Spider. I won’t go in to a long story about the wolf spider because I have done a blog on them in the past.  Yep, it’s a good practice to knock your shoes out a couple of times before you put them on too.   Ah, but the country life is good, wouldn’t trade it for anything. Creepy crawlers in the tub, wasps coming in the open door with you, possums in the trashcans, snakes in the yard. Just some of the things you learn to live with when you enjoy the quiet country life. But I’ll take the crickets and the coyotes over the blaring car stereos and the sirens any day. Well., now that I’ve taken its picture I guess I’ll take its hairy little butt outside and let it go. Good day folks, and for heaven’s sake shake out those slippers before you put them on this morning!