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Oct 02 2015


Howdy folks. I’ve been playing with Abstract Curves. Here’s a free background for your widescreen monitor, if your so inclined. It’s easy on the eyes and looks great.

Free widescreen background

Free widescreen background

Sep 13 2015


Something like this drawing,

Xara Grasshopper

Xara Grasshopper

For my newest addition to Big world, small things I created a grasshopper. I like the fly and the juvenile tree frog just as well as this rendering, but I think I captured more detail in this one. It required many small images and a few different fills. I found out some new things about Xara when I was creating this so it was a great learning experience as well as fun, and though it took several hours to complete it was a much quicker go from start to finish than my first two entries. Getting closer to the look I’m after, actually passed it up when I was looking for it to upload because the thumbnail looked like a photo. I was practicing drawing faces over the weekend using my other drawing program, but ended up drawing one in XARA. I liked it better than any I drew with SBP. Seems like the more I learn about what can be done with Xara the less I use the others. Lovingly created from scratch with XARA, man I love this program.

If you decide you want to unleash your inner artist with a premium drawing program like Xara make sure you check it out at Buckobecks.