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Feb 25 2012

And The Darkness Comes



The sun is stealing away with her riot of colors, the last traces of light bathing the clouds and the contrails of mighty metal birds in soft pastels.
Glowing gently as she slowly sinks into the earth.
Taking with her the promise of a new day and the explosion of activity that her coming brings.
Leaving the landscape featureless and black. Cold and still.  And with her departure, a certain sadness.
But the darkness has a purpose, and a beauty too.
The moon rises from the ebbing blues and pinks, bringing with her a billion points of flickering light that shine from the farthest reaches of heaven.  Shimmering, twinkling sisters of the sun that are never seen with her.
Bestowing upon you her quiet calmness, yet denying you the detail of a tree.
Pale and serene, distinctly different from her blazing opposite.
The quiet misunderstood one,  bathing the world in a her soft  reflection of  borrowed  light.
Alone, even though surrounded by a billion tiny suns.


Full Missouri Moon.

Full Missouri Moon.