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Mar 21 2015

Ballet of Death

Blustery Day seamless tile.

Blustery Day

Enjoy the above Blustery Day seamless tile.


Poetry by Buckobeck

An organic freefall, helter skelter
to supply the living with warmth and shelter
Spiraling downward to meet their mother
she reigns supreme there is no other
She takes them lifeless, then gives them birth
It is she, and her name is Earth
Issuing from their lofty perch to alight
with barley perceptive sound
Choreographed chaos of wingless flight
to kiss the frigid ground
Releasing their grip upon the dying
yellow, brown, orange, and red
Carpeting her stark figure with
the colored vessels of their dead.
Exposing naked skeletons of twisted
wooden bone
Until void of any vestiges that hint of life
at one time known
Sentinels dark and bare, a silent army waiting
For a signal or a sign to reward anticipating
To be awakened, in a sense reborn, more magnificent
than once before
Regenerated, rejuvenated, a natural phenomena that’s
hard to ignore

A bit of Gods magic, that takes ones breath
This life giving dance, this ballet of death